In the year Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Four, we began a new trial of Alien-Human Hybrid experimentation. Specimen No.1127-66, placed inside the care of a normal mid-western U.S. family at birth. Totally unaware of his origins, we watched from afar and observed closely as our specimen grew and discovered his surroundings. Highly adaptable, with a supercharged immune system and highly increased metabolic function, makes this variation of hybrid more than fit for the ever changing environment here on earth and beyond. With psionic readings far above normal, the older this one grows the less he seems to have a use for spoken words. After making his way into the psychedelic community back in 2003 we saw an opportunity to be able to interact with him first hand. In 2006 we placed him into the Anomalistic program where he would go on to take on the persona, EkimSkriD. An inversion of his human identity. Fast forward to 2010 the Datavore project commences. And later in 2015 the Equilibrium Project is born. Representing many labels around the globe. Irori Music is just one of many families he now calls home. One of his most notable characteristics is his ability to focus for unusually long periods of time. Playing countless marathon sets, some lasting for over 24 (!!) hours. He also has a unique gift to open up portals through the minds of willing participants using fluorescent paints on a variety of different surfaces. We are more than excited to see what our specimen will do next. We have a feeling he is waking up to his true origins, but does not seem to be effected.