Ordinary life changed drastically in 2008, in the middle of mountain in Russia. First rave, first total eclipse, first contact to psychedelic world.

While traveling around the world, started to chase parties to Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Europe, Australia, US, Mexico, Guatemala, got deep into psychedelic music, especially in faster BPM.

After 5 years of his searching music which makes him shiver and fly, he liked it too much not to consider trying to create one by himself.

In 2014, started his project in Guatemala, his second country which gave him a lot of inspiration to the creation. The ideas of sound come from the experience of whole journey he has passed through and all the creatures he has met, not only by psy-culture but also by any kind of interesting objects, believing the music shows his life experience and personality itself.

November 2015, played his first live set at lovely Atitlan lake in Guatemala, then in January 2016, 2nd live set at Atman festival in Sri Lanka, first time in Asia.

Even in underground scene, always take a contrary position on purpose, in a cynical and mischievous way, to be an unique person of "AMANOYAKH (amanojaku)" in Japanese myth.


普通のサラリーマンが2008年にロシアのど真ん中で皆既日食を見て人生が変わり、Psychedelic Cultureに足を踏み入れる。世界中を旅しながら得たインスピレーションを音楽に変え、表現していく。自分にしか奏でれない幾何音楽を追求する。音楽は人間性そのもので、人間性は体験そのもの。体験からの意識改革、その先に描く音楽。技術は後から学べばいい。理論は新しく作ればいい。生き就く先はUndergroundの中のアウトロー。価値観を押し付けず、自然にそこにいたい。この音楽で、BPMとかジャンルとか飛び越えて、誰かの意識を解放できれば、有難い。