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Disc Info

Okage - Demons


All tracks w&p by David Sheker and Da-suke Fukuda

Art by Suture33

Design by 4MACK

Mastered by David Chaim Cohen


01 - The Core

02 - Creating Madness

03 - Armageddon Day

04 - Ripping Dimensions

05 - Nothing Remains

06 - Demons

07 - Dancing with Datura

Above, standing upon archaic towers scattered across a desert of ash, winged demons stared into the souls of seven, curious wizards. Their endless grins and ancient eyes painted the horizon as the conjurers continued their chant, a legendary summoning of a powerful entity only known to mortals as “Okage”. The mystics swayed back and forth in unison, ripping apart the fragments of reality to invite an outer-dimensional being into their world. The earth shook as the dunes beneath their robes split open with a frightful glow, and time itself bowed down to the ominous presence laid before them. Like a violent thunderstorm, the lord laughed towards the red sky whilst stretching its arms into the dusty air, a gesture of thanks for ending its infinite slumber. The strange cult cheered and prayed before their god, preparing themselves for an incredible journey into the unknown… and you’re invited.

Text by Sick Numbles

Okage is the psychedelic experimental project of USA’s very own CinderVOMIT and the beast from the far east, Maleficium. Together these artists create a labyrinth of atmosphere and sound design for the listener to try and find their way out of. Debut live performance in Chiapas, Palenque Jungle in 2015.

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