How we work:

At irOri Music, we believe in the power of free music. We love to share our work with the widest audience possible, and free lets us do that. However, we also believe that it's important to release the highest-quality material that we can, so we spend a lot of money on top-shelf art and mastering. To find a balance between these two poles, we have decided to fund the label through Patreon, a crowd-funding website that operates on a subscription model. In exchange for different levels of monthly support, we offer a variety of perks, including exclusive tracks, sample packs, discounts on IZZMastering and much, much more. 

All our digital albums release exclusively to our Patreon supporters first. Approximately 90 days later, we put them on EktoplazmBandcamp, and Anomalistic Darkpsy Portal

Physical releases will be available in extremely limited numbers on the irOri Music store. At release time, we will make digital copies available solely to Patreon subscribers. Six months after the physical CDs have sold out, we will do a free / pay what you want release on Bandcamp and Ekzoplazm.  Patreon!