IZZMastering is an all-digital mastering service specializing in psychedelic trance. Our objective is to fill the gap between the self-mastered release and the high-end all-analog mastering studio by providing top-quality services at a reasonable price. We obsess over punch and depth, working closely with the artist and label to offer a contemporary sound free of compromise. 

Price: $20usd/track

Gear List:

Trident Audio HG3 Monitors

Mytek Stereo96 DAC

Custom acoustic treatment

A very few carefully-selected pieces of software

Lots of practice

Mastering Bio: 

Priapizzm got his start mastering for the free netlabel scene of the late 2000's, and has more than thirty compilations, EPs and LPs to his credit as well as dozens of individual tracks. Indeed, it may be that Priapizzm has worked on more psycore subgenre releases than any other mastering engineer, though he has plenty of experience with tracks ranging from goa trance to beatless ambient. He takes pride in working with producers and label managers to provide exactly the sound they are looking for at a price that anyone can afford.

Note: Customers seeking the full analog experience are highly encouraged to contact David Chaim Cohen at Xexify Studio, the man responsible for the final sound of all irOri Music releases. 

To request mastering, please fill out the form below to send a message and begin the process. Be sure to include:

  • the number of tracks you need mastered
  • type of release: Individual tracks for live performance, EP, compilation etc.
  • your time frame and schedule for release
  • a link to the tracks, preferably in Dropbox or MEGA for ease of retrieval
  • reference tracks, if you have them
  • any other pertinent information or special requests