irOri Blog 02 - Teaching and Learning

Hi everyone, 

For my second blog, I'd like to talk about education. 

In my professional ("real") life, I teach English as a Second Language. I've been doing this for more than ten years, and I love it. The joy of teaching, for me, is that moment when you see nomething really click with a student. There's nothing that compares to the knowledge that you helped someone figure something out. Indeed I think that at least part of my goal making music is something similar: to push the listener out of their comfort zone and expose them to something new, while making sure that the grooves etc are familiar enough that they can still dance. That look on a punter's face when some little bit of ear candy cuts right to their soul is worth all the hours slaving away in the studio. 

So as I re-think our Patreon perks, I've decided it's time to offer lessons in psy-trance production, mastering, Ableton Live production/performance, DJing and whatever else the burgeoning musican might need to know. These lessons will be available both on-line and in-person here in Costa Rica. Next week I'm going to record an example lesson with a good friend and post it to YouTube, so you can get an idea of what I have to offer.

There are plenty of other musicians offering music and production lessons. It seems to me that what sets me apart from those other (very talented) folks is that teaching is my job. It's my career. I have studied and practiced curriculum design, classroom management, the very nature of acquisition of knowledge in a way that most career musicians have not. I hope that this knowledge and experience will allow me to create a really special and unique experience for my students, a bit differnet from the usual "this is how I do it." tutorial-type lessons.

There's a wonderful quote from William Butler Yeats that has informed my entire educational methodology:

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." 

As a teacher, my job is not to stuff your brain with my "expert" knowledge, but to create an environment where it is possible for you to discover your own way of expressing yourself. This applies equally to music, English, or anything else. Of course there are technical aspects of the software and music theory that must be explored together, but really what I want to do is help you become better than I am at this stuff. Nothing would make me prouder than for one of my students to break the whole mold of psytrance, to come up with ideas and techniques I never could have imagined, and to become a legend.

So if this sounds interesting to you,  watch this space. There's a lot happening in irOri HQ these days, and this blog is the place to learn about it. 

Lots of love,

Cooper Izzm

PS (top secret) I'm working right now with one of ths biggest names in the scene to put together a sort of retreat this winter, in the style of the now-defunct Primitif Workshops, a week in lovely Costa Rica learning how to produce from some absolute masters of psytrance. If you want in, let me know.