Guess what?

This is a HUGE week for irOri. The art and mastering are ready, and there's enough money in our paypal account to finally submit our first cd to the printers. 

"Okage - Demons" is an absolute MONSTER of an LP, with tracks ranging from 190 to 250 bpm, all in a totally unique style that combines the very best of both CinderVOMIT and Maleficium to create something entirely new. 

A word on CD replication. Most CD printing services just run off a bunch of CD-Rs and call it a day. We've decided to go the extra mile and will be printing with Mobineko. These folks provide real glass-master CDs, like you would get if you went to a record store and bought a Michael Jackson CD. They also have some very cool and unique methods for printing the packaging and the art on the disc itself. This service is not cheap, but we feel there's no point in making a physical CD if it's not going to be the very best. We first heard about them from glowing reviews by Ady Conor aka Scorb, who uses them exclusively for his Trick Music releases.

So here's how we're gonna do the release. There will be two options to get it:

1 - A limited printing of 200 Physical CDs, available exclusively through this website.

2 - Digital downloads ONLY for our Patreon subscribers. 

(3) - Eventually it will make its way to Ektoplazm, but we will wait around a year to provide exclusive access to those who support us financially. 


In the meantime, enjoy some previews:

Here's a complete radiOzora album presentation from PsyBaBas aka Irgum Burgum to whet your appetite:

And here's the writeup for the album by our good friend Nick Sumbles, to put you in the mood:

Above, standing upon archaic towers scattered across a desert of ash, winged demons stared into the souls of seven, curious wizards. Their endless grins and ancient eyes painted the horizon as the conjurers continued their chant, a legendary summoning of a powerful entity only known to mortals as “Okage”. The mystics swayed back and forth in unison, ripping apart the fragments of reality to invite an outer-dimensional being into their world. The earth shook as the dunes beneath their robes split open with a frightful glow, and time itself bowed down to the ominous presence laid before them. Like a violent thunderstorm, the lord laughed towards the red sky whilst stretching its arms into the dusty air, a gesture of thanks for ending its infinite slumber. The strange cult cheered and prayed before their god, preparing themselves for an incredible journey into the unknown… and you’re invited.

Disc Info

Okage - Demons


All tracks w&p by David Sheker and Da-suke Fukuda

Art by Suture33

Design by 4MACK

Mastered by David Chaim Cohen


01 - The Core

02 - Creating Madness

03 - Armageddon Day

04 - Ripping Dimensions

05 - Nothing Remains

06 - Demons

07 - Dancing with Datura