A young woman performs live on a laptop in a darkened room. A spiderweb of luminescent decoration surrounds her. QUENDI You have probably seen Quendi's art at one of countless festivals throughout Europe. Her musical productions are just as breathtaking, and we cannot wait to share them with you!

BIO: Quendi is a project of Katarina Baranova Nitaq, a visionary artist from Slovakia .She has born in 1987 in a little town called Zvolen surrounded with wild nature where she found a lot of inspiration for her art. Inspired by the nature and inner voices of soul, her creations can vary from one style to another and her work spans a variety of forms including painting, decoration, music production, digital art, jewelery and clothes creation.
Sensitive and intuitive, Quendi captures the magical vibrations of the soul by giving life and form to the imagination. She translates the symbolic language of the subconscious and invites you to perceive the world from a different perspective. Her thoughts are elsewhere connected with love and music, from which she brings most of her inspiration. Her mission is to stimulate the natural abilities of the talents of the senses, which breathe life into the creative and artistic being in each of us.

Graduating with a Masters of Art from the "Technicka univerzita Zvolen" in 2012, her artistic career started earlier when she discovered a psychedelic trance music festival in Chvatimech, Slovakia in the foothills of the Low Tatras mountain. Since then she stayed and followed the scene and decorated for crowds of people who enjoy same vibrations.

So far, Katarina has exhibited her art and has decorated events in different countries in Europe - Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Morocco - and hopes to expand it further .

For many years her art has built a strong connection and interaction with psychedelic music. Since 2014 she has been learning to produce psychedelic music as well to express her visions by experimenting with different media. She plays as a Dj for Fantazy records and STZ records and is preparing her debut EP for Irori Music, to be released in 2019.


A man wearing a hoodie melts and dissolves before your eyes. EKIMSKRID Behind Mike's shy humility lurks one of the fiercest, most talented DJs in the West, playing marathon mind-bending sets, up to twenty-seven (!) hours. He also has the best bio we've ever seen:

BIO: The man stared. Five crystal cubes were melting in a pool of fire as his eyes widened with joy. The flames towered over him in response to his sacrifice, pushing his tired body to the ground. He had been trapped in these woods for an eternity, scouring the dirt for five powerful artifacts in desperate attempts for knowledge. Ancient legends had led his soul on a path towards almost certain insanity, but finally his journey ended under the roars of an ancient portal covered in vines. The cubes disappeared into the earth and the flames vanished. Above, the moon shattered the darkness around him with a shining, welcoming light. From the glistening doorway, Ekimskrid emerged with a powerful grin.

The thick forest around them glowed violently, laughing and chanting as the ritual commenced. The strange figure leaned towards the adventurer and chattered frequencies into the air, creating a brilliant symphony of pure, passionate sound. As the trees danced amongst the birth of new vibrations, the powerful being reached out his hand and said, “come, let me take you on a journey”.

You, reader, listener, and friend, are that traveler through Ekimskrids land. Here, you will discover the unknown, expanding your mind with incredibly engulfing sound worlds hand-crafted just for you. The opportunity that lies before you is the result of extreme dedication and hard work from a talented and unique individual. If you take the time to listen, you will gladly want to stay in this incredible, new reality. Close your eyes or get up and dance, a completely different experience awaits…